About the specials

What precisely am I buying?
You're buying a digital copy of one of Jim Gaffigan's specials. One purchase gives you the ability to download the show 3 times, and to stream it 3 times.
Are there any restrictions on what I can do with it?
We only ask that you do not redistribute the shows. Once you download the files, they are yours to keep forever, and yours to use for any reasonable personal use, such as watching, enjoying, converting to MP3 for the morning commute, making backups, burning to DVD, hosting a screening for friends, and so on.
Does it matter where I live?
No. OK, wait, perhaps. PayPal does business across most of the world, but in some places like North Korea you may find it difficult to buy. If you're unable to buy, please do let us know.
What format are the downloads in?
The downloadable video files are H.264 encoded in an MP4 container. We offer HD and SD downloads for shows where available (SD only for Beyond The Pale). They are playable in any H.264 compatible player.